• Advanced Music Dictionary : An advanced music dictionary with every possible definition. It has more definitions than my highly accredited and expensive dictionary of music.
  • Ear Training Exercises : This site has ear training exercises for intervals, scales and chords, as well as exercises for note, chord and key signature identification. This will be a very helpful site in preparing for AIM!
  • Free Classical Music : A website with free public domain music, including all the Bach Inventions, Clementi Sonatinas, Chopin Nocturnes, and much more!
  • Free LDS sheet music : A site for free LDS sheet music available to download for choir, voice, and piano.
  • Free Sheet Music : Free printable sheet music for the piano as well as other instruments.
  • Manuscript Paper : A great site for free manuscript paper in a variety of formats.
  • Manuscript Paper : Free printable manuscript paper with a variety of clefs.
  • Music Tech Teacher : LOTS of fun music games that students love!
  • Music Theory Worksheets : Lots of theory worksheets that your student can complete at home and turn in at their piano lesson for extra piano money!
  • Sally DeFord Music : A great place for hymn arrangements, solos as well as duets, that are well written with interesting harmonies and melodic voicing.
  • Simplified LDS Primary Songs : A great resource for pre-reading and elementary level primary songs.